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The Sports Law Negotiation Team (SLNT) is a for-credit course that provides students with valuable negotiation/arbitration experience in practical simulated scenarios within the sports industry. Students conduct comprehensive research projects on sports statistics, complete written briefs supporting a player or team’s interests, and build sport-specific oral presentations advocating for real-world clients.

SLNT's Journey

Prior to Fall 2022, SLNT was strictly an extracurricular activity, entirely run by Villanova Sports Law students in their (minimal!) free time. However, after an incredible amount of hard work and revisions, an application to make SLNT a for-credit course was approved in Spring 2022. 


Upon approval as a credited program, SLNT now joins Villanova Law Review, Environmental Journal, Sports Law Journal, National Trial Team, and Moot Court as one of the school's prestigious credited academic program offerings. 

SLNT currently sponsors 5 negotiation/arbitration teams:

Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Fútbol/Soccer, and Football

Tryouts are completed prior to the start of the fall semester and the selected teams compete in various competitions throughout the country and world.

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Our Teams

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