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  • Amanda Daoud

Hail Mary or Hail Murray?

Updated: Feb 3

Football is 60 minutes long, not 59 minutes and 49 seconds – this was a lesson the Buffalo Bills defenders were taught in week 10 against the Arizona Cardinals. With 11 seconds left in the game and the Cardinals down 26-30, quarterback Kyler Murray scrambled to elude a sack and lopped up a blind, game-changing throw to Deondre Hopkinswho was perfectly positioned in the end zone. Hopkins, swarmed by three defenders, was able to muscle the ball away to secure the touchdown, leaving the Bills with no time to answer, delivering the Cards a 32-30 win. [1] For many, this sensational last ditch effort pass is known as a Hail Mary, but for the Cardinals, this will be remembered as a “Hail Murray,” and fans will soon have the opportunity to proudly wear it. [2]

Just a day after the NFL declared this throw as one of the top 10 plays this season, Murray and his agency, K1 Promotions, LLC, filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to trademark “Hail Murray” along with another fan favorite phrase, “Murray Magic.” [3] A trademark is commonly used to protect brand names and logos used on goods and services. [4]. For Murray, his application states that he intends to use the trademarked phrases on apparel items such as shirts, hats, pants and sweaters, giving fans the chance to wear his sayings. Additionally, he plans to allow usage rights for any website pertaining to or giving out information regarding his “accomplishments, exploits and biography.” [4]

The applications for both phrases are still pending with UPSTO, [5] but according to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben of Gerben Law in Washington, D.C., the trademarks will almost certainly be granted to Murray. [6] To obtain a trademark, registration is not required and can be acquired through use registration but does give the trademark holder special protections, which is the appeal in this situation so that others may not use the mark without premission. [7] Since Murray gave his permission to file the phrases, then it is highly likely that USPTO will grant the request. [8]

Once the phrases are officially trademarked, there remain questions about how Murray, a Nike-sponsored athlete, will use these phrases on apparel items. [9] Murray has not yet said if his phrases will appear on Nike products or if he has something else in mind. [10]

NFL players filing for trademarks has become a trend throughout the 2020 season. Just a few weeks ago, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson filed for “Let Russ Cook” to sell cooking items. Earlier in the season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady filed for “TB x TB,” Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady.” However, if anybody deserves to cash in their trademarked apparel, it is Murray, the Cards’ 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year and rising NFL sensation. [11] Not only was his Hail Mary play one to remember for the second-year quarterback, but this season, the young 23-year-old has already thrown for 2,644 yards, promising future success representing the Cardinals. [12] Cashing in the phrases “Hail Murray” and “Magic Murray” are ways that fans can be a part of his successes. [13]


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