Sports Law at Villanova

Villanova is proud to offer one of the most immersive Sports Law programs in the country.

Below is a breakdown of the various clubs, teams, and academic curriculums that are available to our incredible Sports Law students. 

The Villanova Sports Law Web

Sports Law Society (SLS):

  • One of the largest student organizations at VLS and funded by the Student Bar Association (SBA)

  • Plans events, assists with competitions, runs this website, and brings a variety of speaker to campus throughout the year

  • Meet our Executive Board here

Sports Law Negotiation Team (SLNT):

  • Officially established in 2020, available for credit beginning in Fall 2022 

  • Teams include: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, E-Sports, and Soccer

  • The teams compete in a variety of competitions each year and host internal competitions

  • Meet our current Team members here

Sports Law Journal (SLJ):

  • The SLJ is one of 3 Academic Journals published by Villanova Law School. The write-on competition for Law Review, the Environmental Law Journal, and SLJ is held each Summer

    • Learn more about SLJ and Villanova's Academic Journals here

  • Jointly plans the spring Symposium event alongside Professor Brandt and the Moorad Fellows

Moorad Fellowship & Sports Law Concentration:

  • Established in 2021 - generally 4-8 students selected per class 

  • Applications available during the spring semester

  • Meets regularly with Professor Brandt

  • Special designation at graduation for completing the specific Sports Law curriculum

  • Jointly plans the spring Symposium with Professor Brandt + SLJ staff

Sports Law Venn Diagram 2021.png